Foundation for the Pupils of Csakvar

Donation, support

Bank account: SWIFT TAKBHUHB

IBAN HU 88 57800095-10050642-00000000


The Foundation for supporting the pupils of the elementary school of Csakvar was established more than two decades ago. We are a non-profit organisation.

​Our main objectives are contributing to the intellectual, physical and moral development of the pupils, enhancing teaching, learning and the technical infrastucture in the school.

The Board of Trustees and supporting personnel carry out their tasks pro bono. Resources are solely used for the benefit of the elementary school.

Thank you for supporting our goals by tools or financial means.

Mrs Melinda Néráth


Mr Szabolcs Bokodi


Mrs Bernadett Szajkóné Medgyesi

Member, Director of school


Address: H-8080 Csákvár Szabadság tér 8.